The New Jersey Fred Astaire Dance Studios had their beginnings in 1951.  In. 1947, Mr. Fred Astaire Himself along with Mr. Charles Casanave, Sr.  opened the first Fred Astaire Dance Studio in New York, NY.   New Jersey and the New England Area were the next pioneer studios to open in the United States.

This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios, which we take pride in.  Seventy years of dedicated time and effort along with integrity is given to any student who has an interest in wanting to learn to dance.  Throughout the years, the development of a dancer is first and foremost to all our studios.  Whether students would like to be educated in social dancing or competitive dancing, the Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer all levels to everyone.  We take pride in who our Founder, Mr. Fred Astaire, was…..”The Epitome of Perfection” in every endeavor he performed, whether on Broadway or in Fred Astaire Movies.

All of our certified instructors would like to show you the artistry of dance in whatever fashion you, as the customer, may desire, from the very first lesson where we have our interrelated speed teaching method to highly skilled competition dancing.  Some of the physical benefits of dance are fitness, coordination, balance, stamina, flexibility, and strength, which help improve breathing, posture, bone density and memory.

Other benefits of dance are for social reasons, a common hobby of husband and wife, self-motivation, confidence, weight loss, and self achievement.  Our studios offer many activities that actually put your dancing to work…such as dance parties, competition trips, locally, regionally and nationally, showcases and many more.

Why not contact one of our locations for your Introductory Dance Lesson and experience our red carpet treatment for yourself.  Once you visit, share the magic with your friends.  You will never regret learning to dance because dancing lasts a lifetime!