“Just Dance”

Each year, the Fred Astaire of New Jersey students and professionals gather together at the Bergen Technical Theater in Hackensack, NJ to perform in a state-wide showcase.  Show dancing allows students to shine.  Whether they were shy when they started and want an opportunity to grow and break out of their shell, or they are seasoned performers looking for a chance to reveal their talents to their friends, family and fellow students, our students have grown to love our September showcase and the feeling of community they gain by spending the day with fellow dancers.

This year, our showcase is working with the Lieutenant Dennis W. Zilinski Memorial Fund which sponsors the K-9 Sgt. Denny Project. A portion of our ticket sales will help this fund.

 “Through our project the K9 Sgt. Denny Project, the memorial        fund has been committed to supporting the needs of our Military   Working Dogs in Afghanistan and overseas.  These dogs provide a necessary service to our men/women in uniform.  They are highly trained by the dog handlers and work side by side with our troops, searching for bombs, search and rescue missions and provide combat support by way of attacking the enemy when needed.     

Much is made of the bond among soldiers, but the union between soldier and dog in a combat zone is just as tight. Handlers and canines patrol together, day after day, linked by a leash and an innate understanding of each other. These animals are brave soldiers working alongside their handlers. Together, they face the same dangers. Military dogs in Afghanistan die as a result of attacks, heat exhaustion and other causes.

 Often the role of the military dog goes unrecognized. While their basic needs are met, a care package sends a message that both dog and handler are remembered for their bravery by those of us back home.  

Through this program and through the support of the public, we have collected items much needed by our soldier dogs, and have shipped over 5,000 lbs of items for the soldier dogs alone!  Michael and Sgt. Denny are home in the United States.  Michael has completed his military service and Sgt. Denny has been returned to the kennel.”

The Zilinski’s chose this fundraiser when they learned Michael’s dog was named Denny, in honor of their son, Lieutenant Dennis Zilinski, who died in action.

Remember, coming to cheer for your friends who are performing will help fund this project. 

We are honored to have Mr. and Mrs. Marian Zilinski  in attendance at this years show. To learn more about these two causes, their website is www.RunwithDennis.org.

Here’s a little snippet for your viewing enjoyment.  We hope to see you in September.

It’s not too late to sign up for your own showcase!!!

September 17, 2016 — SHOWCASE “JUST DANCE”

PURCHASE TICKETS on www.fredastaire.com/newjersey or visit your local studio.


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